Boys Varsity Water Polo Loses to Helix Alumni


Ally Rein, Staff Writer

On Aug. 18, returning Boys Water Polo Alumni took a win against current Varsity players with the score of 13-5.

When asked why he does the Alumni Game, Coach, Helix Alumni, and Math Teacher, Joel Hull responded, “We have [the] game to keep in touch with past players and give them a chance to come back and be a part of something they did during high school.”

Ben Potter shooting a backhanded goal

Three-year Varsity player, Junior Benjamin Potter and first-year Varsity player, Junior Jacob Atencio have been anticipating the annual Alumni Water Polo game for weeks.

The alumni team consisted of graduates such as Joel Hull, Mitchell Shaw, Lenelle Wylie, Wesley Babbitt, Jonathan Mabey, and many more.

The game is a good time to catch up with old friends that many had not seen in a few months since the Alumni graduated, Potter explained, and are able to make new experiences with each other throughout the game.

Coach/Alumni Mitchell Shaw

The game started off with the Alumni scoring a quick first goal by Coach Mitchell Shaw. The Alumni scored goal after goal when they had the opportunity to obtain the ball. When the Varsity players got the ball, they shot many times but Alumni goalie, Dennis Sweeney, did not let the ball get past him.

As Coach Hull said, by playing experienced Alumni’s, the players can learn new techniques and skills.

This game, as Jacob Atencio says, is different from others because, “Everyone is playing to have fun and do their best, and knowing the people you are playing against just makes water polo that much more fun.”

This Alumni game starts off the new season for our recently-titled Division II water polo team after winning Division III CIF last season.

Goalie Oliver Smith motions “Bring it On”