Helix Competes in Beach Volleyball



Tyreece Tarrant, Staff Writer

This coming summer break, 2017 will be full of highlights from this Helix High School beach volleyball team. This is the second year for Helix to have a team compete in this sport, and the season ended May 9 with a playoff game with 6 wins and 4 loses.


The beach volleyball team consists of all girls. Coach Isabella Fuentes, who is the head coach of this team, said that she had the idea from her daughter to set up a beach volleyball team here at Helix. This was mostly due to girls volleyball season being in the fall, so they wanted to continue playing volleyball to keep up their skills and because club volleyball goes through all the seasons.


The team itself has returners coming in from last season with a record of one win and eleven loses.


However junior team member Lucy Stronach, said, “we will make a difference and come out with a better record and winning ourselves a championship with hard work and determination.”


Beach volleyball team is coming back with six seniors, four sophomores and three freshmen players.


Stronach, who is also the captain of the team, is leading the way this year.


Junior Jessica Husted said that “we believe we’re going to come out of the funk from last year because it was brand new and now we know what to do compared to last year where we were unprepared of what was coming against us.”


Paloma Garcia, Helix junior, was nominated as the most improved player from last year to this current. She said that, “playing beach volleyball was hard because it was my first time ever playing the sport and the coach saw my enthusiasm towards the sport which gave me the chance to play up with the varsity girls.”  


For this current season, the beach volleyball team will be playing Coronado, Mission Beach, La Jolla Country Day, Valhalla, Grossmont, University City, and San Diego Hills High Schools.


Coach Isabella Fuentes was excited that the team’s hard work paid off and that they made it to the first round of playoffs. She hopes that next season they will work their way to the top, winning Division 1 CIF.