Senior Boards


Leslie Valle, Staff Writer

The final step for all seniors after various competencies throughout high school and senior defence is Senior Boards: the last stretch.


The last and final requirement for Helix High School seniors is to present a seven to nine-minute speech that follows a prompt given to the graduating class.


Last year, the prompt that seniors were required to follow was changed “to become more reflective of student learning throughout high school and to see if we as a school are meeting our school-wide learning outcome goals,” said Amanda Dolphin, Senior Project Coordinator.


The prompt has only been changed three times within a 10-12 year span, so it was refreshing for teachers and community members to see a change of perspective on how this year’s class of seniors gained different qualities throughout their high school career at Helix.


Students are required to go through a two-step process. The first step is to present to an advisory class with the same time requirement and the final step to present to Helix staff and community members.


The seniors are then graded by a holistic rubric: exceptional, proficient, and below standard. If the students do not pass, they were then required to present again on the following Thursday and had to pass in order to be eligible to graduate.


Cameron Mutter, senior at Helix, said that he felt confident that Helix has prepared him for this moment just as they have prepared him for sophomore interviews, “This is going to help me with job interviews…and with my communication skills later on in life,” he said.


Senior boards isn’t something most kids should stress about, just because Helix has done an amazing job by guiding them through everything, Sean Morris, teacher at Helix, said positively.


Although Senior Boards may be the final step at Helix, seniors are still required to keep up their good grades without any failing classes in order to graduate and walk at the graduation ceremony.


Now that boards are over, we wish all the graduating seniors good luck to their new chapter in life.


Once a Scottie, always a Scottie.