What to Expect Next School Year

What to Expect Next School Year

Chelsea Nunez, Sports Editor

For incoming freshman, Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2017 will be the very first day of high school, but for class of 2018, it will be the last, first day of High School. August 9 marks the beginning of a year long journey. Whether you will be a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, here’s what to expect this next journey at Helix.


Although experiencing a different tutorial schedule every year for the past three years, the current tutorial schedule will continue on next year. The first day of school lands on a Wednesday as it does every year, so the schedule will go as follows :

1 Period: 8:55 – 10:06

2 Period: 10:13 – 11:24

Advisory: 11:31 – 11:51

3 Period: 12:26 – 1:37

4 Period: 1:44- 2:55


Prior to the start of first period at 8:55 A.M., the student’s official schedule will be handed out in front of the new administration building starting at 7:45 A.M., which can give new students an opportunity to tour the campus before the start of class. The new administration building is expected to be open by the first day and will be located near the Performing Arts Center in the back parking out.


While the construction of the new administration building began earlier this year, current students are looking forward to finally having it open.


“I always pass by the construction on my way to class in the mornings,” Oriana Moore, a junior claimed, “I feel like it’s been in construction forever.”


Moore, a current Junior, also described how although the construction “can be annoying” due its noise level, she is excited to see the new building.


“I bet it’s going to be really nice,” Moore said with a smile.


While the first day of school can be a fun experience, there is still a to look forward to the rest of the first month.


Within just the first two weeks are some big events at campus,such as Aspire Kick-off on August 23, and the first home football game that Friday on August 25.


Aspire offers a variety of after-school programs offered to all Helix students, especially encouraged for students who must stay late at school due to transportation issues to attend.

Mrs. Alicia Gibson, coordinator of the Aspire program says the kick-off is all about “a chance to preview” the programs to see “all the great things” students can get involved in.


Aspire programs such as ACE (Architecture, Construction, and Engineering), Writing Lab, and pre-season sport programs are few of the many programs offered.


That same week of August 23 is the beginning of Football season, which is a big deal around campus. Even if football is not an interest, cheering on fellow classmates is a great way to represent Helix’s amazing school spirit and can make a memorable high school experience.


“I am definitely looking forward to the Football games,” Solange Clark, a junior, claimed.

Clark, a member of the Varsity Cheerleading squad, wants all students to be encouraged to attend all games.


“One of the best High School experiences is going to football games and cheering on your team,” Clark said, adding with a laugh , “It’s also a plus that our football team is always good too.”


Along with football, other fall sports to look forward are girl’s volleyball, girl’s field hockey, boy’s water polo and cross country. All sports begin almost immediately after the first day, so if interested in trying out for a fall sport or any future season sports, making an appointment for a physical over the summer is highly encouraged.


For more information on what to expect this next school year, visit www.helixcharter.net.