Dodgeball Returns To Helix

Dodgeball Returns To Helix

Maria Vazquez , Web Design Editor

On Friday May 12, Helix hosted a dodgeball tournament in the gym with many students participating.

Dodgeball isn’t new for Helix, though. The yearly dodgeball tournament was once an annual school tradition. Teams came in all shapes and sizes, some even showing up in costume for the fun of it.

This time, seventeen teams participated. The turnout would have been higher as initially, 29 teams signed up but dropped due to difficulties with permission slips or a lack of wanting to participate, according Coach K.

In order for students to participate, they had to gather a team of ten along with a captain and their team name before May 3.

Teams that made the top two in the event go to the District Dodgeball tournament held on May 25 at Granite Hills High School.

This year, team John took second place and Zone 6 took first place.

Adam Krzywicki (Coach K) explained the revival of the dodgeball tournament when he explained that he “wanted to do it for a couple years but [he] just [hadn’t] gotten enough students and teams to participate,” then he continued to say that he  “knew people wanted to participate so [he] just had to get the word out and build interests.”

Highlander Grant Northcutt player on the team Volleyball 2K17, said “it was a very successful event, there was lots of people there, it was very spirited I think it really brought the school together.”

Coach K expressed that “It was an overall fun activity — it’s not too serious and it is action packed. It moves quickly .”

Coach K recommended that students attend next year because “it’s also fun to watch the baseball team compete against the football team in a sport that is not exactly theirs.”