Isaiah Thomas’ Breakout Season

Isaiah Thomas Breakout Season

Chelsea Nunez, Sports Editor

2017 has been a big year for Boston Celtics all-star point guard, Isaiah Thomas. From bringing his team to the Eastern Conference finals for the NBA, to tragically losing his sister, this year has brought Thomas a lot of attention.


According to Sports Illustrated, Thomas averages as scoring the second most points in a game out of all the NBA players, at 29.9 points per game. With scoring at least 20 points throughout 35 straight games,and making history for averaging the most points scored in the fourth quarter at 10.7 points, Sports Illustrated claims 2016-2017 to be his “breakout season”.

“I feel like I’m the best player in the world,” Thomas said of himself in an interview with Kevin O’Connor from The Ringer, a site dedicated to sports and entertainment news. However, Thomas quickly clarified himself, saying his high opinion of himself comes from the hard work he puts in.


“If you don’t feel like that, then you’re cheating yourself,” Thomas clarified in The Ringer.


At just 5’9”, compared to the average NBA player being 6’7”, Thomas has surpassed the doubts  of him being an incredible basketball player.


“Unless you’re a huge basketball fan, you’re probably not going to recognize me,” Thomas said in an interview with The Player’s Tribune, referring to how easily he blends in at public outings because his height isn’t as noticeable compared to other players.


The NBA All-Stars is an annual basketball exhibition game where the Eastern Conference plays against the Western Conference. Only the star players are selected to play in their respective league, and 2017 is the second year for Isaiah Thomas to be selected to play.


According to MassLive, a site with a dedicated page to NBA news, Thomas’ selection was “no surprise” despite a “crowded class of guards” to choose from.


Although 2017 has made Isaiah Thoma a household name, it also brought tragedy to him and his family.


On April 15, Thomas’ sister, Chyna Thomas, was killed in one-car accident on a highway Federal Way Washington. The next day was the start of the playoffs where Thomas was expected to bring a win for his team, but due to the tragic passing of his sister, no one even expected Thomas to play.


Even with his sister passing just 24 hours before the game, Thomas pushed through, and although only losing against the Chicago Bulls by four points, he scored a remarkable 33 points.


Brad Stevens, head coach for the Boston Celtics, revealed in a press conference that Thomas had the freedom to “do whatever he needs to do” to “heal” from the tragedy, but still played his heart out on the court the next day, even led the team out of the tunnel before the start of the game.


In memory of his sister, Thomas played with shoes with written messages on them including his sister’s name “Chyna” and “I love you”.


The Boston Celtics are currently playing against defending champions Cleveland Cavaliers for the Eastern Conference Finals.. Their Celtics lost the first game at 117-104, but are scheduled for the second game on Friday, May 19.