Helix’s Annual Spring Fling

Helixs Annual Spring Fling

Chelsea Nunez, Sports Editor

As Spring arrives, the ending of the school year gets closer and closer each day. However at Helix, during the spring and before the school year can end, the annual Spring Fling is hosted for the incoming Freshman.


According to Mrs. Elena Smith, the senior grade level principal who will be the incoming freshman class’s grade level principal,  the Spring Fling is about introducing the students to what Helix has to offer more than academically.


“It’s an opportunity for ninth graders to get a feel for the campus,” Smith described, “and know what clubs and activities are available.”


According to Mrs. Smith, the Spring Fling has been at Helix “forever” but changes have made to make the event more interesting.


“We’ve added performances,” Smith described, “I think the students like that very much.”


This year, the freshman received performances from the different levels of dance, choir, and tap dance, all to promote the classes and clubs to freshmen.


Mrs. Arica Villegas, the counselor for the incoming freshman class of 2021 said she sees the students visiting clubs that have more to offer. According to Mrs. Villegas, the tables that are more “interactive” attract the students.


“They [incoming freshmen] like when there are treats,” Villegas claimed with a laugh and finished with, “sports definitely get the most students too.”


Those clubs and activities included sports, clubs such as MECHA and tables with teachers to promote their classes.


Shareena Lachance, a junior on the Varsity softball team was at the softball table to promote the sport.


“This is my second time here [at Spring Fling],” Lachance stated.


Lachance described how freshmen come to the booth, ask questions about the team, and sign up for more information.


When it comes to what she tells the incoming freshman, Lachance talked more about how the season goes and more importantly “when pre-season begins.”


“I was a freshman once so I know what I wanted to know about the team before trying out,” Lachance claimed, referring to how she promotes softball.


Right next to the softball table was cheer, where juniors Solange Clark and Sonnie Davis were promoting the freshman cheer try-outs.


Davis talked about how important the Spring Fling can be because of her struggle to join a sport due to the event being cancelled her incoming year, back in 2014, due to wildfires.


“My year the Spring Fling was cancelled and the [ freshman cheer ] try outs were right when school started and I had no clue,” Davis recalled, “So I’m happy these students that want to try out will know ahead of the school year.”


The incoming freshman who attended Spring Fling are sure to be experts about their campus even before their first day of class.