Balboa’s Park Annual Earth Day

Balboas Park Annual Earth Day

Robert Resendiz, Photography Editor

Approximately 60,000 people came together to celebrate the 28th annual Earth Day fair on April 33, at Balboa Park with more than 300 exhibitors and several stages with live music according to Fox5 News.

Cannabis Village, Clean Car Concourse, EARTh Gallery, Children’s Area, are the sections that were divided in the fair, according to the San Diego Union Tribe.

San Diego’s NBC 7 reported that The Earth Fair in Balboa Park is the largest free environmental fair in the world, according to event organizers.

The message this year is to “be the solution,” in other words act to a solution, rather than just pointing out the problems that involve the Earth.

“People’s electric bills are super high compared to other cities or other states in the country so people save a lot of money in San Diego region or in California in general by going California electric,” said Sam Syed, Owner of Green Energy EPC, reported Fox5 News.

The event included vegan snacks, cooking demonstrations, an arts and crafts show, children’s march and even a “cannabis village” made up of vendors and stands in the cannabis industry. Automakers also got to show off the latest in their energy efficient cars.

“We have to protect this earth,” Earth Day participant Kennee Moore told NBC 7. “This is where we live, you don’t throw trash inside your home. Don’t throw trash in the earth that we live.”

The goal was to spread awareness and solutions with the global problem of plastics.

“People still struggle with what plastics you can and cannot recycle. It is not easy,” said Brendan Reed, director of environmental affairs for the San Diego Regional Airport reported to the San Diego Union Tribe.

Balboa Park’s contribution in trying to make the world a better place will forever be appreciated,  because everything helps when it comes to saving the planet.