Google Doc Scam

Google Doc Scam

Jackalyn Diaz, Helix Life Editor

A sketchy email  circled around that could potentially be a virus or bug. It pretends to be a Google Doc link, possibly even from someone you know.


The Business Insider advises readers “To protect yourself, don’t click on Google Doc links you weren’t expecting to receive.”


Apparently if you were to click on “Open in Docs” it would send a similar email to your entire inbox. It would also take you to a real Google page asking for a variety of permissions across your Google accounts.


BuzzFeed reported that, if granted permission, it would give the hackers access to a vast amount of personal information. However it doesn’t seem like the hackers can access personal information unless given permission.  


According to BuzzFeed a number of people have already become a victim of the phishing attempt (where hackers try to get you to click on sketchy links.


The emails started up around 11:30 am. Wednesday, on May 3.


A way to spot the phony email is they are addressed to “”  and the subject line would read that someone in your contacts “just shared a Google Doc with you”.


According to BuzzFeed, the attack hit an unknown number of their employees and also targeted people outside of the organization including schools.


It’s not clear who is behind the spreading scam or why they’re doing it.


If you think you may have clicked on the link, head to Google’s “My Account” page. Head to the permissions option and remove the “Google Doc” app.


If you receive an email similar to this, delete it right away. If you clicked the link on your Helix account, contact the tech department right away.