Sleight: Movie Review

Haniyah Taylor, Staff Writer

New 2017 movie “Sleight with cast Jacob Latimore (Bo), Seychelle Gabriel (Holly), Dulé Hill (Angelo), Storm Reid (Tina), and Sasheer Zamata (Georgi) as the main and intriguing characters leave the audience with suspense and action.

In the film, the character Bo (Jacob Latimore) is left to care for his younger sister Tina (Storm Reid) after his parents passing away with the help of their neighbor Georgi. Illegal activities begin to get involved, having Bo getting in too deep with the result of his sister being kidnapped, forcing Bo to use some of the magic tricks and engineering skills he has to save her.

Jacob Latimore (Bo) on the left with his co-worker Seychelle Gabriel (Holly) on the right

Latimore gave an outstanding performance bringing out the suspense and adrenaline rush to the audience. He brought out that heart-warming and loving but also action packed character that did a well done job within the movie. Having his character showing that his sister meant the world to him.

Storm Reid playing Bo’s little sister, had the audience in awe because of the love and warmth she put into her character making everyone believe the love and connection between her and Latimore. Reid is a very sweet young girl and did a wonderful job in the movie as the ideal little sister.

Dulé Hill who played the image of a bad guy once his co-worker Bo disobeys his has little work ethic and messes up his plan to sell illegal things. Hill performed his best in his character and because of his performance within the movie, gave the audience a heart-thrilling feeling and made them where they wished they were in the movie to help Latimore out with his situation.

This was a really good science fiction movie using the mix of superhero powers to escape a rough neighborhood.  The movie was fast enough to keep viewers interested.  This was a change from the typical superhero and science fiction genre.  
I would recommend people seeing this because it is a wonderful action-packed film and it is kid friendly. If you have not seen it, go out and see it now because you will not regret. It will make you want to see it more than once and maybe buy it on DVD.