Senior Defense


On April 5th-7th, Helix High School Seniors were required to present their Senior Project to panels 5-6 judges (a few community members in addition with Helix Staff). Seniors are interviewed in the way that they are asked to present their project and prove to their judges that they have completed the requirements and proposals that were stated on their project proposals.

After they have been interviewed, students the are required to wait a few minutes away from the table they have been interviewed in to receive a grade from Exceptional, Good, Satisfactory, as well as  Incomplete and Re-defend. This then determined their next step in their senior year.

The class of 2017 had a different experience on their Defense than any other Class of Helix has experienced. Portfolios that are required and used to present senior projects which was once done in paper format and assembled in a binder which was used while presenting the senior project is now and will be presented online.

Senior Darien Toledo said that, “Regardless of the new change, we are still required to bring a binder for documentation, so it still feels like we’ve done more work.”

On the other hand, Jacob Reece said “I feel that it’s more efficient, but I wish we [the seniors] would’ve known a bit more going into it technology wise.”

Many seniors had different thoughts and points of views on the new senior portfolios, but a majority of students thought it did save them more money and time in the long run.

While waiting to be called for their time slot, many Helix seniors mentioned that even though they were and have been stressed they felt confident in presenting their projects, because Helix has prepared them with communication skills. Most students said they viewed defense as if they were having a conversation with multiple adults about their project.

While waiting for their grades, many seniors talked among each other about how they over thought how senior defense was going to go.

Senior Aymie Hudon said that while waiting for her grade, she felt as if Helix had prepared her for this moment of Helix life even though she transferred from another school during the middle of her high school years.

After the three days of Senior Defense, many seniors left their tables with passing grades and there were about 102 incompletes and 23 re-defends.

Seniors were scheduled to clear their incompletes by April 27th by 3 pm. The re-defends took place Thursday May 4th.

Even though Senior defense was no longer on paper and in binders like previous years, the transition of switching onto an online website was much more of a smooth transition than what they had expected.

Amanda Dolphin, Senior Project Coordinator, said that the sense of pride that students get when they complete their senior project and are steps closer to graduating is something she hopes they carry on with them throughout the rest of their life.