Spirit Week 4/18 – 4/21


Bailee Waid, Social Media Editor

Tuesday, April 18th, another spirit week, hosted by ASB, commenced.

A short four day week began on Tuesday with “Jet Lag Day” where students wore their favorite PJs and slippers. And if you’re like me, wearing a robe, you may overheat a little.

On campus, Scotties were seen some wearing their fancy matching tees and sleeping bottoms and others looking like they did literally roll out of bed.

Wednesday was “Ohana Day” where students and a friend (or a stranger) dressed as twins! Or if they already have a twin, it was a normal day for them.

Thursday saw a throw back from the 60s with Helix dressed up in their favorite tie-dye shirts, pants, and shoes.

To bring this week to an end, Friday is “Luau Day.” Wear flowers and hula skirts for this Hawaiian theme, which ties right into the Sadies (Luau themed) dance that has been cancelled but was set for this coming Friday.

By the end of the week, though, not as many students were dressed up as they have been in the past.

One freshmen student describes that it really depends on who is in the school spirit enough to dress up.

Gabriel Bermudez\, also a freshmen at Helix, says he “realized a little too late that this week is spirit week” and that’s why he didn’t participate.

However, he also said that the communication was an issue.