ASB Hosts Easter Egg Hunt

ASB Hosts Easter Egg Hunt

Ivan Jimenez, News Editor

On April 10-14, ASB hosted an Easter egg hunt on the Helix campus.

The hunt consisted of ASB members hiding 300 eggs throughout Helix for students to find and redeem for prizes. Prizes included candy, ice cream, chips, and more.

“People were really desperate to find eggs. They really wanted to win prizes like a free yearbook ($60 value) and ASB card ($40 value),” explained Stephen Nguyen, an ASB member.

Indeed, out of the 300 hidden eggs, all were found. Some students missed their opportunities, though, as 20 eggs were unreturned for redeemed prizes. And in order to prevent an Easter-egg monopoly, ASB implemented several rules to the hunt. For instance, eggs were limited to one per-student according to Nathan Nguyen, an ASB member,

Overall, the hunt was intended as preparation for Easter which occurred on the Sunday after the event.

“The hunt’s purpose was to get students into the Easter spirit,” explained, Allison Muir, an ASB member.

And if we’re lucky, the Easter egg hunt might become a Helix tradition. When asked if ASB is likely to host the event next year, Muir expressed hopeful feelings.

Helix students enjoyed the hunt, too.

“It was a fun event. Hopefully, ASB will do it next year,” Marissa Garcia, a Helix sophomore expressed.