Princess Project Takes Helix High


Haniyah Taylor, Staff Writer

Need help looking for the right dress for an affordable price and in a timely manner? No worries, there are events all around San Diego to help girls find the right dress for prom for free.

Senior Helix students received an  email about the events that were occurring from several organizations and how they wanted to help the community by helping out teen girls for the prom.

One event is held by The Princess Project which is an organization created by individuals who helps teen girl with their confidence and beauty.

They provide free prom dresses and accessories for teens who cannot afford them with the help of 300 volunteers.

This organization collects about 1,000 dresses each season and hope to get over 2,00 this coming season according to the organization themselves.

By celebrating all body shapes and sizes, This organization also creates a positive environment for girls to feel comfortable in their own skin.

“We have since grown to now proudly serve more than 35,000 deserving teens through our five chapters in San Diego, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Tracy and Los Angeles, our newest chapter that is hosting its first dress giveaways this spring” They explained on their website.

Helix High seniors were asked about their prom dress hunt and what they thought about the free prom dresses.

Helix Senior Nichole Byrne has already purchased a $500 prom dress including tax,  from the local Grossmont Center Mall clothing store Preview after making an appointment online with the Princess Project.

“I was originally going to do that and had an appointment set up but my grandma took me and she was like ‘just try on dresses for fun’ and I ended up getting the one at preview.”

Another Helix High Senior Jaira Gabionza, has not purchased her prom dress but is considering signing up for the event for the princess project.

“Senior Defense has been happening” Gabionza said, “ so I have been waiting. So now that it’s over I should probably start looking” she laughed.

Some of the Helix High Senior girls have signed up to participate in the drawings for the free prom dresses early because of the rush of prom coming up on May 20th.

If you are interested looking into the project for free prom dresses, listed below is a  website, along with locations and dates where the events are being upheld.

Princess Project San Diego: