A Tale as Old as Time

A Tale as Old as Time

Chelsea Nunez, Sports Editor

From a castle housing a beast and enchanted antiques, to a village housing an unordinary girl among the most ordinary people, the story of how beauty is found within is once again brought to life with the magical film Beauty and the Beast.

After over 25 years of its original premiere on November 22, 1991, a live action Beauty and the Beast was brought to the big screen again, and with new twists from the original film, the tale continues to claim its spot as a classic movie.

The majority of the film stayed true to the 1991 animated film, such as the opening song “Belle” and lines from the original movie. While most of the original music was performed again in the remake, the film added its own original musical pieces as well. The new musical pieces tied in with the new plot twists the film introduced that helped answer questions the first film left, such as going further in depth as to where Belle’s mother is and why the village disapproves of Belle.

Unlike the 1991 film, the enchantress who caused the curse on Beast is actually a secret character throughout the film instead of only appearing in the beginning. Beast’s past, such as his childhood, introduces the background as to what made Beast such a narcissistic man.

The character LeFou, the sidekick of antagonist Gaston, added a modern, controversial twist to the film with his character now being portrayed as homosexual. However , while it is never directly said the character is homosexual, the humor of his obsession with Gaston hints at the topic.

Special effects have come a long way since 1991, so scenes such as the classic “Be Our Guest” and the fight scene between the antiques and the villagers add energy to the film, increasing the entertainment.

Emma Watson, who plays the classic Disney Princess, Belle, provides her own voice in some musical pieces, such as the opening song “Belle” and “Something There”. Watson, often recognized for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, is new to the musical category, but with her amazing portrayal as Belle, Watson has made herself worthy of being a part of the musical category.

Often changing events can cause fans to criticize the new film, but the increase in a broadway musical theme and adding more background to the characters makes this movie even more lively.