Helix First College Fair


Ayni Mohamoud, Editor

On Mar. 3rd and 2nd 2017 the freshmen Helix First classes put a the college fair in the gym in which juniors attended to learn about colleges/universities on display.

At each table, freshmen students were in charge of a certain topic of the college/university they were presenting. Topics such as, sports, social settings, academics, life at that certain school, were included. Many students used the website: https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/ to research their college/university information.


The freshmen set up the gym with tables, chairs, and decorations to represent the school they were tasked with. Additionally, students brought in small items to reward the juniors and to keep their interest.

Freshman, Hailey Horcajo explained that she learned a lot about a school she didn’t know existed. Also that there are many colleges, more than what the freshmen Helix First class presented.

Although the fair was meant to educate juniors about their upcoming college journey, it’s important that freshmen learn  something to remember when they are juniors. You are never too young to think about college.

The whole idea of a college fair and the freshmen Helix First class presenting different schools could not have happened without the Helix First teachers. They have been very helpful in assisting the students with information.

Aleen Jendian, AP English and Helix First teacher said, “ they have to have good eye contact and know enough about their college to speak of it in 5-7 minutes. Juniors should research their colleges and other choices that they might be interested in, and offer a good financial aid packet.”

Mawadda Ismail, a junior explained that she plans on going to a four-year university to pursue a major in the life sciences, but could not have been sure of the decision had she not attended the college fair.

Ismail said, “ I learned about a lot of different colleges, their locations, and programs, as well. After the college fair, I am interested in schools such as University California San Diego (UCSD), Oregon State University, and Arizona State University.”

Hopefully, other juniors will find a school that are perfect for them and know a lot of the school before really committing. Juniors should use this experience at the college fair when college season rolls in and remember to always research a school completely before making any important decisions.