Soccer City


Maria Vazquez, Web Design Editor

The new proposal for a reconstruction of the Qualcomm stadium — a multipurpose field where former football team San Diego Chargers played– plans to introduce a new sport: soccer.

The proposal, entitled “SoccerCity,”  includes a redevelopment of Qualcomm Stadium that include student and low-income housing, soccer fields, hotels, plazas and residential high rises according to the San Diego Union Tribune.

The stadium won’t just be used for soccer, but for college football too.

Fox 5 San Diego described that the proposal has 108,000 signatures from local citizens which is “more than enough to force the San Diego City Council to either approve the project or place it before its voters.”

The group in charge of the project plans “ to bring the proposal before voters in November,” stated NBC.

“In light of the mayor’s announcement yesterday of a special election in November of this year, we are requesting that the City Council place our proposal on the same ballot and allow the citizens of San Diego,” stated La Jolla investor Mike Stone.

Kevin Faulconer, Mayor of San Diego, said in a statement that the proposal “offers exciting opportunities for major league soccer, more parkland and Aztecs football without public subsidy.”

Faulconer wants to make sure that the plan should be examined up close so that it “makes sense for taxpayers,” and then review it with the public.

FS investors were who proposed the project with an aim to bring “SoccerCity” into a reality by 2020.