Mardi Gras Car Accident: Leaving 28 Injured

I'gonna Applon- Kettles, Editor of Sports

PC: Fox News

Mardi Gras this year is one for the books. For those who don’t know how Mardi Gras works, well here you go. Mardi Gras is the last Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, but the celebration isn’t just that one day, it is a weeklong party in New Orleans, LA called, “Carnival”, that ends with Mardi Gras.  

This year Mardi Gras was on Feb. 28. The hype for the floats targeting the falcons losing the super bowl won’t be the only thing people remember. A drunk driver drove his truck into a Mardi Gras parade crowd, injuring 28 people.

According to CNN, “ Neilson Rizzuto, 25, has been charged with two counts of first-degree vehicular negligence resulting in injury, and one count each of reckless operation and hit-and-run driving. He may face more charges, police said. “His blood alcohol level was .232”, according to CNN

Being that his blood alcohol level was so high when he was detained, “he seemed out of it, unaware of what he just done”, reported by USA Today.

According to Fox News, “There were no fatalities. Ages of the victims ranged from 1 year old to patients in their 50s, police said.”

“Those injured Saturday were watching the Krewe of Endymion parade, one of Mardi Gras’ biggest spectacles, when Rizzuto’s Chevrolet pickup apparently revved its engine and sped forward, slamming into a couple of cars and then careening back out of control into a crowd and eventually into a dump truck”, reported USA Today.

According to Reuters, “Krewe of Endymion parade, the largest and most popular of numerous Mardi Gras season parades in New Orleans, continued with little or no interruption.”

New York Times explained, “The episode occurred around 6:45 p.m. at the intersection of Orleans and North Carrollton Avenues, at the Krewe of Endymion parade, part of the city’s Mardi Gras celebrations.”

One of the people who was there at the incident was Trey Klechak, 20, a student at Louisiana State University, who told the New York Times, that “something was amiss when they heard the truck’s tires “peeling out,”

According to the New York Times, Mr. Klechak said it appeared the driver was trying to weave around some people, and then pressed on the accelerator. He added that he went to help after the truck stopped and did not see anyone pinned underneath. “It was scary to watch,” he said.

According to AOL News, “Of the 28 people injured, 21 were taken to local hospitals, including one police officer. Seven others who were hurt declined transport, Police Chief Michael Harrison told a news conference.”

Everyone is waiting to hear what will happen to Neilson Rizzuto, we will be updating with more.