International Women’s Day


Jenny Brotherton, Staff writer

Wednesday, Mar. 8 is the International Women’s Day, and with the event quickly approaching, many are preparing.

The purpose of the celebration is to promote women’s rights and gender equality. All across the globe people plan to show support through marches, festivals, exhibits, conferences, and other events to empower women.

The first record of International Women’s Day was in New York, Feb. 28th 1909. In 1975, the U.N. officially changed the date to Mar. 8.

Over the years, there have been different themes for International Women’s Day. The theme for 2017 is “Be Bold for Change.” This years’ theme is meant to take action for women. Some previous themes have been “Equality for Women is Progress for All” in 2014, and “Empowering Women, Empowering Humanity: Picture It!” in 2015.

Forbes Magazine writer, Moira Forbes, thinks there are many reasons to be hopeful for this International Women’s Day. “The past year has been about transition. While collectively as a nation—and especially as women—we’ve faced some significant challenges, there still remains much to be hopeful about” she reported.

Many companies have decided to join the cause and support Women, one being the dating app, Tinder. If you tweet @Tinder the cause you want to help with the hashtag #FundHerCause Tinder will send you a code to retrieve $100 donation to the charity you choose.

Various people are getting involved and taking interest in the cause, regardless of gender. According to AM New York a media news site “It’s not just women who can get involved; everyone is encouraged to “help forge a better working world — a more inclusive, gender equal world,” organizers say on their website.

Even though it’s an international holiday, countries are celebrating in different ways.

Fortune states “While International Women’s Day is a global holiday, celebrations vary depending on what part of the world you’re in. In some countries, the holiday looks remarkably similar to Valentine’s Day, with women receiving flowers and gifts from the men in their lives. In others, women will take to the streets to demand real policy changes—particularly in nations where women’s rights are newly under threat.”

For example those in the U.S. plan to advocate for gender equality, In places like Italy, women are allowed to attend museums for free, and in Ireland individual’s plan protest for rights of their bodies.

Regardless of where you are, or your gender, look around you and observe how others are celebrating this holiday.