MESA Competition 2017

MESA Competition 2017

Maria Vazquez, Web Design Editor

Helix’s Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) team went to SDSU for a competition.

Helix Students got to participate against more than 250 students from schools including Del Lago Academy, Hoover, Lincoln, Monte Vista, Morse, O’Farrrell Charter, Options Secondary, San Diego High, Southwest, Sweetwater, and Trade Tech.

One of the participants was a freshman,Maeko Ocampo who joined MESA at Helix, but has been involved in MESA since she was in 6th grade, she competed in the “Egg Express” and ended in1st place with her partner Rafael Bernal.

The “Egg Express” is a project where students have to build a contraption where an egg is stored inside and dropped at a certain height and see how much damage the egg held. The winner is decided with the best, “surviving egg to total egg,” described in the MESA website.

Maeko recalls a challenge she faced was , “coming up with a package design with my partner that both of us agreed on.” but she also stated, “I was nervous, I loved the the thrill of it.”

Another competition that was held, was the Mousetrap car with freshmen Gabriel Bermudez and Phillips Nguyen took the 1st place Medal, and for the 11th through 12th graders, Clayton Carter and Victor Acosta in 3rd place, Mohamed Mohamed and Marc Fuentes in 2nd Place,and  Brecca Ridenour  in 1st Place.

The other events included were the Math Competition that has a SAT style math with Benjamin Lam winning first place (With a perfect score!), and the Civil Structures Bridge all students participating getting creativity ribbons.

Students who won a medals go to the Regional competition on April 2, at SDSU. There will be an event on Saturday, May 20th where students can come check out what MESA is all about.