“Get Out” Discusses Real Issues In This Chilling Horror Movie


Charlie Martin, Editor-in-Chief

Jordan Peele’s debut movie “Get Out” was released in theaters on Feb. 24, and it’s already number one in the box office. This thrilling horror movie blends social satire with a very real message and truth about the racial divisions in America.


With an overwhelming 100% positive review on Rotten Tomatoes, this movie was a must see for suspense and horror lovers. Peele spoke in an interview to the Washington Press about how he originally started writing the script and production during the early years of the Obama administration, inspired by the “post-racial America.” As tensions rose during recent years, the underlying strain Peele noticed so many years ago rose.


The movie begins by having maids and gardeners as black men on this large farm. Dismissing the obvious concerns of the black protagonist, they just say that they looked after the grandparents before their bodies past. Later, we realize that while the grandparent’s bodies pass, their brain lives inside the black servants.


This film exposes a white family who desires to have the physical attributes of black men, while suppressing the African-American spirit inside. This leads the daughter to continuously have relations with black men and bring them home. After meeting the family, the family would then kidnap the men and replace their brains with one of the older, dying white family members.


This movie is both terrifying and exciting. With realistic characters and touches of humor to adhere to social satire, Peele created a magnificent movie highlighting a very real example of racial division in America.


Although this movie stirred quite a controversy, as it so blatantly portrays a white family as racist, Peele insists that it is an overall observation of the American culture and it is a made-up scenario. The family is seen as racist in the sense that they believe that African-Americans are only useful for their bodies.


This movie creates it’s own type of horror genre. It blends fiction with reality, adding fear to the audience. It shows how the intent of some persons can’t be as good as they may seem. The chilling reality can happen to anyone, and that’s what makes this horror movie so terrifying.


This refreshingly new story line is different than other movies in its genre, and perhaps that is why it is rated so highly. Taking into account the realistic script, as the protagonist actually attempts to escape instead of stay and wonder what’s going on, as well as the unrealistic, but not unimaginable, gruesome attacks, this movie clutches the audience.


The ending is also a fresh scene, as the protagonist’s best friend (who is a TSA agent and whose best line in the movie happens to be “I told you not to go meet that white b—— parents”) saves him and takes him to safety. This humor captures the real nervousness that some races have in regards to whites, and listening to friends to get out of dangerous situations (like where your brain might be replaced with someone else’s).
Out of all the horror movies, this one is by far the best one in at least the last 5 years, and I wish it could earn more than the 5/5 paws I have.