LAPD Officer Fires at a Group of Teens


Jackalyn Diaz, Helix Life Editor

A disturbing video had surfaced and gone viral, it showing 13 year-old Christian Dorscht being brutally dragged by off-duty police officer Kevin Ferguson before the officer fired his firearm in Anaheim, California. The video was captured on a cell phone by a friend of Dorscht.


The video began with the officer holding on to Dorscht while pleading to be let go. As the video continues, Ferguson is confronted by surrounding teens, one tries to loosen Fergusons grip on Dorscht while another appears to try and swing on him.


When Ferguson is seen removing his firearm from his waistband, it is unclear if he was aiming at the teens or not.


According to The Los Angeles the altercation allegedly began when a young girl had walked on to Ferguson’s lawn where Ferguson had referred to the young girl as a “c**t”


Dorscht was later arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats, with Ferguson contending that he was going to shoot him.


The boy claims he told the off-duty officer that he was going to “sue him”.  


The New York Post reports that various protests erupted shortly after the video had gone viral. Civilians were demanding that Ferguson be arrested. The protests resulted in nearly two dozen arrests.


Protester were angry that Dorscht was arrested while the officer had endangered the lives of several teens by shooting his gun.


CNN that Dorscht’s mother, Alma Jimenez was present at one of the protests, Where she spoke to a crowd of protesters and officers. She said “Stop shooting our kids. Stop killing our kids. This is my child right here. This is my son. He’s 13 years old. He was not armed. [The LAPD officer] almost killed my son. Thanks to God’s grace, [Christian] is alive.”


The Anaheim Police Department did an investigation on the entire event as well as the officers previous behavior.


The Anaheim Chief of Police told the CBS station that “There was insufficient evidence at the time to prove the officer’s actions rose to the level of a criminal act.”.


Officer Ferguson is now back on the job, but is not working out in the field.