Helix Showcase

Haniyah Taylor, Staff Writer

Back at again, Helix Charter High School comes through with another spectacular performance with the help of the choir director Mrs. Michelle Tolvo-Chan.

Staged and performed at Helix’s Performing Arts Center, Helix Vocal Music Department presented another showcase containing 4 vocal groups and 11 speciality acts on Feb. 16, 2017.  

The vocal groups are Mixed Voices, Highland Singers Jazz, HD, standing as intermediate choir, and HLX, standing as advanced choir.

Mixed Voices, HD and HLX sang songs from their festival set that they also performed at the local competition at Lincoln High School on  Feb. 17, 2017.

With hardwork and passion, once again did an outstanding job leading choirs through another successful show. With the help of Bobbi Adams, the show choirs’ dance choreographer, and pianist Shara, the showcase was truly phenomenal.  

“ Yeah I think like performing at like your home, like at your theatre there’s like so much energy that we get from each other and it’s more excitement than like nerve racking so I think like with Cabaret we were more into it” Explained junior and choir performer, Jenna Urich explained while smiling at her fellow classmates.

Helix Choir gave it their all as usual and did a fantastic job making sure the audience was  enjoying the show, asking numerous times how everyone was doing.

In this showcase, you were able to see all of their hardwork and dedication that they put into all of their practices. These students are most definitely talented.

“Yeah my family was in the crowd, I was just having a nice time cause I knew I had friends and family there so it was more like showing off.” Tyler stated while laughing at his friends.

If you are interested in having a singing career then Helix Choir is the right way to go.

“I think that they went pretty well as a group, I think that the solo acts were really fun. Um, as a group I think we did pretty good, it was fun being up there.” Rilyn Gardner said while smiling.

The  show choir is talented.

Joining choir provides elective credits which will look good on college applications, especially if students might want to go to a performing arts schools after graduation.