Verizon Unlimited And More

PC: Charles Krupa, AP

PC: Charles Krupa, AP

Jordan Walters, Staff Writer

In reaction to T-Mobile’s introduction of their unlimited data plan, Verizon has now introduced their very own unlimited data program. The nation’s largest wireless carrier has reintroduced their unlimited data plan after 6 years, as reported by CNET.

Verizon’s data plan competes directly with the other mobile carriers in the U.S. to draw in the most customers. Price, performance, and limits must be considered when determining which carrier is best for each person individually.

This new unlimited Verizon plan has a few reasons to let go of the old Verizon plan and switch to this new one. This new plan is $80 as opposed to the old plan’s $100. This new plan also allows the user to take advantage of hotspot technology and international data and calling, whereas the old plan doesn’t.

Nothing is perfect, and that includes this new unlimited plan. This plan allows up to 22GB of high speed data but when that threshold is passed the data will be throttled in congested areas, unlike the grandfather plan which doesn’t cap or throttle the user’s data

Verizon’s new unlimited data plan starts at $80 for a single line, $140 for 2 lines, $164 for 3 lines, and $180 for 4 according to Verizon Wireless.

Verizon’s mobile hotspot now has a 10GB limit for its 4g connection before being slowed down to 3g speeds for that month, reported USA Today.

Verizon’s plans also have the benefit of allowing the user to stream hd video as opposed to only standard definition-like other carriers.

Along with this unlimited data plan, Verizon will still provide their Small 2GB, Medium 4GB, and Large 8GB data plans for those who don’t need unlimited.

Verizon is attempting to maintain its standing as the number one cell carrier in the U.S. with competitive prices, comparable performance, and options for the consumer.