Info on the Nintendo Switch

Info on the Nintendo Switch

Jordan Walters, Staff Writer

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s newest console set to be released on Mar. 3 for $300 USD with preorder being available but are in limited supply.It has the capabilities to be docked and connected to a display and used as a home console, it can also be used as a handheld portable system.

Will it be another let down in sales or will it be able to compete with the most popular consoles?

The Nintendo Switch will have a 6.2” touchscreen running at 720p resolution, according to the online publisher Arstechnica, while being able to play 4k video when it’s connected to a TV.

The Switch will also have the capabilities to connect online for a total of eight Switches connected with each other. While in portable mode, the Switch will last from two and a half hours to six hours.

The Nintendo Switch uses two controllers called the Joy-Cons, they clip to either side of the Switch and can be detached to be used like Wii remotes. Or the remotes can be connected to a grip so it can be used as a traditional controller. The Pro controller goes for an unsettling $70, costing more than the most mainstream controllers on the market, reported by GameSpot.

The Switch will have a built-in 32GB of storage, with lots of digital downloads an SD Card or two will be necessary.

As of Feb, 3, 2017 there have been 10 games confirmed to be released alongside the Switch. These games consist of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Just Dance 2017, and Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+, according to Eurogamer, an online gaming publisher. For a full list of games to be released visit here:

Although the Nintendo Switch will not be as powerful as the likes of a PS4 or Xbox One, it has the capabilities to play games portably which may give it the edge it needs to produce pleasing sales numbers.