Academic League Victory

Academic League Victory

Ivan Jimenez, News Editor

On Valentine’s Day, dozens of Helix students enjoyed the sweet flavors of love. Likewise, the Helix Academic League enjoyed the sweet flavor of winning.

On Feb. 14, 2017, Helix beat Mount Miguel – for the second time this year – in San Diego County’s annual televised Academic League match at the San Diego Office of Education.

Helix came out on top with a score of 68-44.

“The game was just like any other game – the only difference was the bright lights in our faces, and the fact that we would be on TV,” explained Helix junior, Mohammad Mohammad, a player on the team.

This match was a bit different from other matches, though. It was televised by ITC News and will be aired on March 9. Regular matches are played in front of an audience and are unrecorded. Other than that, the match had its typical format.

An Academic League match typically consists of a moderator asking questions to which players respond with the correct answer. If they answer a question correctly, they are granted a bonus question which consists of a three-part answer. Points are granted to all correct answers.

“The match was very exciting, and it was also very interesting to be recorded, and there were a lot of lights. Overall, it was a fun match,” explained Hailey Harkness, a junior on the Helix team.

Questions range from all subject areas – History, the Arts, Mathematics, and the Sciences are all common questions. Math teachers Mrs. Jennifer Underwood and Ms. Kirsten Schmidt coach the team.

The team, especially the coaches, were happy to have won.

“It felt amazing, I’m so proud of them,” said coach, Mrs. Underwood.

As Academic League season drew to a close, Feb. 15 marked their final match. So as the season ended, this televised victory marked a fitting reward to their long, exciting season.

It’s time for a brain-break.