Samantha Miranda Espinoza, Editor

 Prior to the presidential election, the department store, Nordstrom, began to carry Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. However, since last year, the revenue being made for her line has dropped substantially. As a result, this high-end department store stopped carrying her line.

The Huffington Post reported, “sales of Ivanka Trump’s line of clothing and shoes fell by nearly one-third in the past fiscal year, with sharp drops in sales in the weeks before her fatherDonald Trump was elected president.”

The Wall Street Journal revealed that Nordstrom declined from, “20.9 million down to 14.3 million in the current fiscal year,”  after they had begun to carry Ivanka’s line.

Due to the plummet in proceeds, Nordstrom decided it best to remove Ivanka Trump’s line. President Trump published a tweet that said, “My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by @Nordstrom.”

The Huffington Post published that, in defense of the brand, “Nordstrom spokeswoman Tara Darrow said that the retailer did not provide the Wall Street Journal with data on Ivanka Trump’s sales. “We have not and will not share specific sales results numbers related to this brand or any other brand.”

Once Nordstrom made it public that they would remove Ivanka’s line, New York Daily reported that, “Scott Baio suggested Saturday that he and his wife  […] would boycott over its decision to yank Ivanka Trump’s poorly selling brand.”

Nordstrom did not receive backlash until 6 days after their announcement. NBC reported, “The luxury department store chain denied that the move was in response to a #GrabYourWallet Campaign orchestrated to get the stores to stop carrying the Trump brand in protest of her father’s policies.”

NBC reported that White House Press Secretary Sean Spencer called Nordstrom’s move, “a direct attack on  [President Trump’s]  policies and [Ivanka Trump’s] name.”

Nordstrom may be facing another drop in profit this fiscal year since, “As of Dec. 25, Renee Baio had dropped just over $30,000 at the retailer last year.” New York Daily even reported that the actor tweeted Nordstrom on the matter and said, “Dear @Nordstrom NEVER AGAIN!”

Following the announcement, New York Daily reported Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway delivered a cheery pitch for the First Daughter’s line of shoes, clothing, handbags and jewelry — urging viewers of “Fox and Friends” to “go buy Ivanka’s stuff.”

After Conway’s advertisement of the brand, New York Daily reported that, “Ethics watchdogs growled over her apparently flouting an Office of Government Ethics rule barring federal employees from using their office “for the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise.”

Norman Eisen, former special counsel on ethics in administration of former President Barack Obama told NBC, ““It’s an example of why Donald Trump and his family needed to step away, needed to make a more definitive break, and I think it’s an abuse of the office of the presidency,” considering that it was not the first time that a tweet from Trump caused controversy.

Nordstrom continued to defended its decision saying that removing the fashion line was, “ ‘based on performance,’ not politics.”

Although they will not be restocking the collection, Nordstrom released a tweet saying, “We still have inventory on hand, so customers will continue to see product until it sells through,” as reported by NBC.