Super Bowl Commercials: The Highlights


Sadie Neville, Co-Editor in Chief

Whether you watch for the game or the halftime show, nearly everyone can find some sort of enjoyment through the commercials aired during the Super Bowl on Feb. 5.


While many of the ads stayed loyal to the traditional, “playful and heartwarming,” theme, others aired on the controversially political side, undoubtedly due to the state of the current government.


Whether you tuned in or not, we’ve collected five of the most noteworthy commercials that are worth your time to check out.


Budweiser’s Immigration Recognition

As one of their founders is a German immigrant, Budweiser took recent immigration speculations into their own hands to celebrate refugees and to pay homage to their parent company, Anheuser-Busch InBev. Co-founder Adolphus Busch moved to the United States in the 1800s and is depicted in the ad, titled “Born the Hard Way.”


Coca-Cola’s “America the Beautiful”

In 2014, Coca-Cola released a “controversial” ad titled “Together is Beautiful.” This year, it was resurfaced in Super Bowl LI, highlighting our country’s diversity. The commercial features the National Anthem sung in different native languages by many of different cultures as an homage to their “America is Beautiful” campaign. Check it out here.


Mr. Clean Becomes a Sex Symbol?

Arguably the most notable commercial of Super Bowl LI, Mr. Clean’s Super Bowl sparked immediate conversation, featuring reversed gender roles in the household. Just watch the video for yourself.


Audi Brings Equal Pay Issues to Light

German car manufacturing company Audi’s commercial highlighted a young girl zipping past her all-male competition in a go-cart race. As it unravels, her father’s voice over worries over the prospect that she will grow up feeling less than “every man she ever meets.” However, the ad has received substantial backlash as studies were released that “Audi has no women on its six-person executive team. Its supervisory board […] is only 16% women,” according to Forbes.


Terry Bradshaw’s Shirt Was All an Act

Returning from the second quarter, sportscaster and former NFL quarterback Terry Bradshaw was caught on camera in a white shirt, sporting a huge red stain on his chest. The internet, naturally, took over and Twitter had a field day. However, only moments later, we found out that the stain was a publicity stunt for Tide. Well played.