84 Lumber Ad Controversy

84 Lumber Ad


84 Lumber Ad

Valerie Arevalos, Arts and Entertainment Editor

One of the most important traditions of the Super Bowl, besides the large variety of snacks and constant bickering over teams is, of course, the commercials. This year, however, the controversy is on the rise due to the constant political remarks that have been spiked via advertisers.

84 Lumber released an ad during the Super Bowl demonstrating a Mexican woman and her child traveling through Mexico in a real-life hard journey on their way to the United States. It isn’t until after the hardship of their journey that they come across an enormous wall that stops them from continuing into the US.

As they continue to walk along the wall, they come across large wooden doors. Both mother and daughter step through the doors, as a dramatic light appears in from of them before shortly advertising the actual lumber (the whole purpose of the commercial) in the bed of a pickup truck as the words, “The will to succeed is always welcome here,” read across the screen.

According to the LA Times, “some viewers condemned the company for advocating for illegal immigration,” while others “viewed the ad as a call for humanity.”

The 84 Lumber CEO, Maggie Hardy Magerko, claimed that despite their personal beliefs and support for the President’s ideal wall, the point of the ad was to “show that 84 Lumber is a company of opportunity,” stated the Washington Post.

On a Facebook post the following Monday, 84 Lumber responded to a customer that accused the company of supporting illegal immigration by stating, “we do not condone illegal immigration,” and stating that as “President Trump said there should be a ‘big beautiful door in the wall so that people can come into this country legally.’ We couldn’t agree more.”

Due to the controversy that the ad caused, USA Today declared “Fox ‘banned’ the whole version from airing.”

Although Fox made no comments on the controversy, 84 Lumber managed to make edits on the ad for Fox to approve–it then concluded with the mother holding hands with the daughter (with no sign of the wall) before, “see the conclusion at Journal84.com” appeared on the screen.

On the same Facebook post, 84 Lumber made it clear that the point of the ad wasn’t to cause a controversy, but “the journey of the  mother and daughter was a demonstration of the human spirit-grit, determination, and hard work.”