Date Ideas for Love Day

Date Ideas for Love Day

Charlie Martin, Editor-in-Chief

Valentine’s Day can be stressful, especially for those making the dates. It can even  be unnerving for those nervously waiting to see what date their significant other has picked out. Some of these Valentine’s will be checking through all their clothes to find the best date outfit that actually matches the date. Here are a few date ideas for either newly blossomed romance, or an old love-y dove-y couple.

Go To The Movies:

Sounds cheesy? Good. Sometimes the best dates are not the most expensive or over-the-top romantic. Going to see each other’s favorite movies and getting ice cream after is perfectly acceptable. It’s not too expensive, it won’t be as crowded as some restaurants, and it’s a good time to hang out without any pressure.

Test Drive Your Dream Car (… or something equally as silly):

Just because you may not be rich or have the opportunity to do something, doesn’t mean you can’t do something fun. Do your own thing. There are no rules to Valentine’s Day. Sometimes silly dates are the best, and you get to find out weird, fun facts about your partner you might have never realized. If you can’t test drive the car (at least without your parents) try finding a roller rink or a great mini-golf course.

Ice Skating:

Ice skating is also a fun way to get out and do something new with your partner. It’s cute and cheesy (and very very icy), but it’s perfect for a new couple trying to get to know each other, or an old couple showing their love and joy.

Stay at Home:

Having a nice dinner and movie at home is an ideal way to avoid the crowds and the rush of the outside world. It’s an opportunity to relax with your partner and have a quiet night. If you want to change things up, maybe make it themed: grilled ribs or chicken with a cowboy movie, spaghetti and meatballs with an Italian movie, or maybe just a savory steak dinner with your favorite romantic movie.

Recreate Your First Date:

There’s something sweet and romantic about remembering a first date. That special moment that started it all. Maybe going back to that place, recreating it 3 or 6 months or maybe a year later will bring back great memories, lighten up moods, and remind you guys why you fell in love in the first place.

Visit New Places:

Every town has places that at least one of you haven’t yet visited. In San Diego, there’s La Jolla Coves and Shores, Sea World, Belmont Park, and more. There’s even little nooks and crannies inside the city that would call for a fun adventure. Spend the day (or afternoon) driving around and exploring the town where you two fell in love. Don’t be afraid to stop whenever and wherever you find interesting.

Make Reservations and Go Out:

Going out for Valentine’s can make your significant other feel loved and appreciated. Buying flowers and dressing up is just icing on the cake. You can never go overboard with showing love for your loved one. It might be expensive, but it’s worth it.

Dress Up:

Even if you can’t afford to go all out, you can still get dressed up in a beautiful dress or a handsome tux just for fun. It makes the night feel official and fun, and you can still go out to restaurants (just some not as expensive). Embrace your inner snob, make a few sarcastic quips, and let yourself go.

Fill the Whole Day With Fun, Random Activities:

Sometimes it’s difficult to plan a romantic night, and spur of the moment trips are always fun. Make plans in the morning, whatever you and your other half want to go. There are no rules, just have fun. It’ll make great memories.

(Pro-tip: don’t be afraid to wait until the weekend. This international holiday lies on a Tuesday, so it might be more sensible to wait. Plus, chocolate and roses will be cheaper. Don’t worry. Your significant other will understand. We all like saving money.)

But fear not, Cupid’s arrow hit you two for a reason, and no matter what you end up choosing, you’ll have a great time.


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