Single on Valentine’s Day?


Charlie Martin, Editor-in-Chief

Valentine’s Day is a day of happy couples, expensive gifts, and roses. Lots of roses. However, if you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone like me, chocolate can be your best friend on this day (don’t worry, calories don’t count if it’s on Love Day). Here’s a list of fun ideas you can do for yourself, by yourself (or with friends) if you’re single this Valentine’s Day.

Go Out With Friends:

Take this opportunity to reconnect with old friends, to just go out to show appreciation for each other. Either buy them dinner, or get them a small gift. Valentine’s isn’t just about a significant other, it’s a way to show love. Chances are it’s too late to make a reservation for a fancy restaurant, anyway.

Stay Home:

Sometimes there is nothing better than taking time to curl up at home, watch your favorite Nicholas Sparks movie (cry maybe? Those movies are emotional), and pet your animals. There’s no shame in doing your own thing.


Take Yourself Out:

You really don’t need anyone to do things with. Sometimes it’s nice just to be alone and reflect on yourself. Take a walk around a lake, treat yourself to a movie, maybe a nice dinner WITH dessert (that’s the most important part). The best thing about this? Dinner’s cheaper, and you don’t have to share your food.

Take A Break From Social Media:

Seeing all those happy couples and mushy posts will make you sick, and a little lonely. Save yourself the trouble and just avoid the Internet. Instead, get in touch with yourself, or spend time with others. You might find that taking a break from your phone will brighten up your day. No distractions, real conversations uninterrupted…sounds nice. 



Chances are you’re not the only single person on the planet. Try and gather your friends and do a “secret-santa” game, except with your single friends. Get each other flowers, candy, or anything that makes you think of them.

Online Shopping:

Let’s face it. Online shopping takes all of your troubles away. Plus, it’s a holiday, so there’s probably a lot of sales going around. If not, go look for sales. You don’t need a bunch of name brand clothes or makeup. Spoil yourself because you want and need it.

Do Something You Couldn’t If You Were Taken:

Can you think of something your ex hated? Do you like randomly flirting with other people? Do you enjoy going out late without having to ask another person? Take advantage of your time being single – you won’t be forever (even if it feels like it). Wear that outfit your ex hated, go to a party and find someone cute (or just scroll through Instagram), just go have fun without having to answer to someone. You’ll feel free and relaxed, and there won’t be any pressure to be anything other than yourself.


Valentine’s Day can be a huge time and money consumer, so, however you choose to spend it, why not wait a couple of days?  Love Day is on Tuesday this year, which means you have the upcoming week and weekend to do something fun. Things will be less crowded, and everything will be on sale.

Being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t the end of the world. In fact, it’s just the beginning. With all the love craze in the world, it’s easy to forget that you need to take time to love and take care of yourself, too.


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