Italy Avalanche

Haniyah Taylor, Staff Writer

According to BBC News, a four-star hotel, at the foot of the Gran Sasso mountain northeast of Rome, was buried in snow Wednesday, Jan. 18th 2017, afternoon local time after a series of earthquakes.

According to CNN, Civil Protection services said that the hotel was in the process of being evacuated due to the earthquake when the avalanche hit and  guests had settled their bills, waiting together in the lobby with their luggage.

An avalanche was believed to have been caused by a series of strong earthquakes in the region.

Italy Avalanche
PC: CBS News

On Friday in Rigopiano located in central Italy, a rescue helicopter approaches the avalanche area where six people were found 43 hours after the avalanche had struck. Two people were reported buried inside that avalanche but then found along with the other four survivors.

According to CNN, the search for the victims was suspended for five hours and all six victims showed signs of hypothermia, but non-threatening life injuries. Twenty people have been unaccounted for and those who were found are being medically treated.  

Marco Bini from the Italian financial police’s alpine rescue team stated that “There is hope. Because we found this air pocket, we believe there could be others so yes, we have hope to find others,” According CNN.

According to BBC, in August an avalanche occurred where the was magnitude 6.2 jolt, which killed 299 people, occurred on the northern end of the Laga, and ruptured the crust further north still, on to the Vetorre fault.

Two of the six people who were found were children and three children were thought among to be trapped inside the hotel where the avalanche hit. Because of the discoveries of the survivors, it gave the rescue team and police hope.

Two people have been confirmed dead and there is a gathering in Pescara in hope of hearing that their loved ones have been pulled out alive.