Fall of Fame: The Death of Mary Tyler Moore

Haniyah Taylor, Staff Writer

American Actress Mary Tyler Moore was officially reported dead Wednesday, Jan. 25 2017 at Greenwich Hospital located in Connecticut.


Moore was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in her early 30’s which lead to her death along with cardiopulmonary arrest and phenomena, reported by Fox News.

Married for 33 years and meeting in 1982 to cadiologist Dr. S. Robert Levine, felt empty about his wife’s death and can not “live without that smile,” according to CNN.

“My sadness is only tempered by the remarkable outpouring of good wishes, tributes, and personal ‘Mary stories’ told, with heart, by those touched by her grace,” he said. “As long as we all remember her, talk about her, share our stories about her, and what she meant to us, her light will never go out,” Levine expressed to CNN News.

Actor Gavin MacLeod, who played newswriter Murray Slaughter, opposite Moore’s producer character at the fictional Minneapolis TV station stated “It was all because of Mary. She was extremely creative with a terrific sense of humor and a gifted actress. She set a pace for all of us to follow,” according to Daily News.

Moore performed in “The Dick Van Dyke Show” and her own “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” offering witty and nimble new archetypes for women in the ’60s and ’70s.

“The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” was a sitcom formula in favor of more character-driven humor. It soon became one of the most popular shows in television history.

Many of Moore’s friends and associates claimed Moore to become “sisterly and a feminist icon”.

According to New York Daily News, Moore has been awarded with seven emmys, having four of those seven expressed both the excitement and the melancholy of a single career woman who could plot her own course without reference to cultural archetypes.

“I will always feel privileged and honored with the amount of quality time I was able to spend with Mary,” Moore’s co-star Valerie Harper explained to NY Daily News.

According to Fox News, Moore was laid to rest in a private ceremony Sunday at Oak Lawn Cemetery in Fairfield, Connecticut.