Super Mario Runs into our Phones


Jordan Walters, Staff Writer

PC: International Business Times

Everyone’s all time favorite childhood game, Super Mario is now on iOS and to be released for Android in early 2017. The game is officially being called Super Mario Run and is available for purchase on iTunes for $10. If you think that’s too much for a mobile game, you can play a trial consisting of 3 levels and multiplayer access for free, although paying the $10 will unlock the full 24 levels and more.

According to online news source TechCrunch, Super Mario Run has seen over five million downloads within the first 24 hours.

In the game Mario runs automatically and you tap on screen to make him jump, when touching a wall and tapping this allows you to do wall jumps, which you can chain together to get to higher positions.

Within the levels there are special coins scattered throughout that can cause a completionist to go nuts trying to get them, considering that Mario never stops running. Good thing Mario is given two bubbles that allow you to float backwards, but watch out because they double as your lives.

Although the free levels that are given out seem simple, according to the AV Club, the later levels become a lot more adventurous, staying true to the Mario recipe.

Beware, if you don’t have a consistent internet connection on your phone then you may not want to purchase since Nintendo requires you to be connected to play the game.

Even though Mario Run is seeing great success in the revenue its making, investors are worried about the initial cost compared to the more popular free to play games that include microtransations.

Super Mario Run has received an eight and half stars and is currently the top grossing game on the App Store according to Financial Times, an online media provider.

The launch of this game was a large event that could have been larger if launched on Android, so Android users be alert for the launch in early 2017.