NASA’s New Spacesuit: Boys in Blue in Space


Maria Vazquez, Web Design Editor

Out with the old and in with the new: on Wednesday Jan. 25,  NASA announced their new space suits that, unlike their other suits, will be blue. The suits, designed by Boeing, an aircraft company, coined the nickname “Boeing Blue” as it will go with the new developing spacecraft the CST-100.

Reported by Beyond Earth, The Boeing Crew Space Transportation-100 (or CST-100 for short), Starliner is a developing spacecraft (with the help of NASA’s Commercial and Crew program) that will allow transport for passengers to low-orbit areas around the earth– and what goes better with a new spacecraft? A new suit.

Not only is the color different from former space suits, but some upgrades include their comfortable lightweight design that weigh about ten pounds lighter, and new joint patterns that enable astronauts better movement, according to NASA.

The director of CST-Starliner for crew and missions Chris Ferguson said, “It feels good to walk around in Boeing Blue,” and continued to say, “Spacesuits have come in different sizes and shapes and designs, and I think this fits the Boeing model, fits the Boeing vehicle.”

Other advancements are  the helmet and visor part of the suit, and compared to the old suits it will include vents that allow the suit to be cooler. Wearing these suits enables astronauts comfortability because they are lightweight, stated NASA.

They even have Reebok inspired footwear and  touchscreen-sensitive gloves.

Safety is a priority to the crew and astronaut Eric Boe stated, “The most important part is that the suit will keep you alive.” Clearly the Boeing blue has lived up to the expectation.  “It is a lot lighter, more form-fitting and it’s simpler, which is always a good thing. Complicated systems have more ways they can break, so simple is better on something like this,” Boe said.

But as to why it is blue, Boeing contemplated other colors, but decided that other colors would not be as “cost-effective as one that is all blue.”

For all the space fans out there the new suits and spacecraft are expected to be in use during a 2018 launch towards the Space Station.