Smiles for Miles


Leslie Valle, Staff Writer

Didn’t he have a brother who used to go here? He’s like the tallest kid I’ve ever seen! How tall is he?

Picture Credits to Cassy Athena

Miles Norris, a Junior at Helix Charter High School and current basketball star rises to the top of Helix’s curiosity. Students and staff alike ask questions like what school did he transfer from,  what brought him to join Helix, and just how tall is he.

First and foremost, to get the curiosity out of the way, Norris is  6’9”.

Before transferring to Helix Charter High School, Norris attended Mater Dei High School and transferred to Helix earlier this fall at the start of his Junior year because of sports and mainly due to his parents decision.

Norris is currently adjusting very well to Helix because he already had mutual friends and people who knew of him because of his older brother, Marcus Norris, who attended Helix prior and graduated in 2016.

“I like the teachers. The teachers are cool so far and I like that. I’m not used to being close to any of my teachers” said Norris.

As many on campus know and recognize Norris from basketball, he said that he has been a part of around nine or more different teams since he was four years old.

Norris’ cousin, Sophomore Raeyana Norris, said that “Ever since we were little, he has always loved basketball and has had such a passion for it”

Current Helix Varsity basketball coach, Coach John Singer, mentioned that Norris “is not about himself, but rather about the team,” which serves as a wonderful trait adding on to his sportsmanship.

Singer also said that Norris is very good with basketball, and the fact he has the ability to understand and play the game and is an excellent combination of knowledge.  

Norris admits that he enjoys the fact that the current basketball team has been much more fun because not only do they keep their focus on the game and wanting to win, but they also have a close bond as a team.

Raeyana also mentioned that Norris has been looking for a team to bond with, not only wanting to win, but sharing the moment together as well, and he thinks that the Helix basketball team is just the one.

Because Norris is new to the Helix team, Singer has placed him in a position that he has never played before, which can provide opportunities for him grow as a person and as an athlete.

“He is a work in progress, but he’s getting better… after all, he is sixteen years old and there’s always more room for improvement no matter how long he has been playing,” Coach Singer mentioned about Norris.

Norris said that he plans to continue playing basketball through his senior year at Helix Charter High School as well as continuing on into his college career. He is currently looking at many offers from several colleges and universities.

Many friends, teachers, and family members of Norris hope the best for his future in his education and in his basketball career.
Make sure to checkout Norris and the Helix boys basketball team in the next basketball game, February 17th 6 pm at the Helix Charter High School gym.


On May 10th, Norris announced on KUSI that he made the final decision to commit to University of Oregon.

Norris said, “it was pretty much between Arizona and Oregon. I was looking at it. I love the style of play at Oregon, but Arizona is also a great program. They have too many people the same position as me. Playing time wasn’t something I wanted to (worry about), and Oregon was a perfect fit for me.”

Norris explained that he was amazed with the facilities and what they [University of Oregon]  had to bring to the table – on and off the court while visiting the campus. That’s when he started to consider it.

Of course all Helix High School and San Diego fans will be watching once Norris starts his Freshman year in 2019.

Norris mentioned that he called Coach Altman,  head coach of the University of Oregon Ducks men’s basketball team, to tell him that he made the decision to commit to the University.

Of course we all hope that Norris brings versatility and athleticism to Oregon as well as his sportsmanship, knowledge and room for improvement just as Coach Singer, Helix High School’s Men’s Varsity Basketball Coach, had mentioned previously.