New School Policy


Sofia Jacobo, Co-Editor in Chief

A reiterated before-and-after school policy has sent the students of Helix Charter High School into a confused craze causing them to express their opinions on the new policy on various forms of social media.

The email was sent out by the 2019 Grade Level Academic Advisor, Theresa Toilolo, as a reminder. The policy has been implemented to “maintain a safe school environment,” and therefore, “students are not to arrive on campus before 7:00 a.m.” and “are not to remain on campus past 3:30 p.m,” according to the email. However, if students are under direct adult supervision through a sport, Aspire, BMA’s or a club, it is permitted.

Although the policy was recently sent to students, it has been listed in the school planner for about fifteen years.  

The policy came from the administrative team as a behavior expectation.

“It’s nice to have a social aspect and hang out with friends and that’s part of school too, but at some point they need to take care of their business and go home to their families,” said 2019 grade level principal, Dave Watkins.

“Sometimes when you’re hanging out, not all the time, but sometimes that’s when trouble can happen,” Watkins stated.

According to the email, if the policy is not followed, “trespassing students will be subject to both arrest and suspension.” However Watkins, said “we’re not looking to arrest our kids, but if you’re trespassing you’re subject to that.”

“We definitely want [our] kids to feel welcome on our campus, but to be doing something, maybe [you’re going to] the Writing Lab, or you’re playing a sport, you’re in a supervised activity,” stated Watkins.

He hopes the email will make the “students on our campus [more] successful, whether they’re getting help from a teacher, or in an after school tutorial, or part of a team.”

“It’s important for students to be in supervised activities for students safety,” said Watkins, and “we’re all responsible for enforcing [the policy], but specifically supervisors who are always out and certain parts of the campus the grade level principals will enforce it, potentially it could be La Mesa PD.”

Watkins advises students to feel welcomed on our campus, “but we’re out of school at 2:55, so you have 35 minutes to get squared away.”