Dreams, Reality, and Love in “La La Land”


Sofia Jacobo, Co-Editor in Chief

*Spolier Alert*

“La La Land” is the perfect combination of the best parts of Hollywood: class, music, nostalgia, and best of all, Ryan Gosling.

Our favorite movie duo Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are the stars of the musical. However, the movie is much more than just two pretty faces, it contained a story so true and pure that it seems foreign to the Hollywood we know today.


The movie depicts the tale of two people aspiring to make it in Hollywood. Stone plays the character of Mia, an actress looking for her big break, while Gosling plays Sebastian, who is looking to open up his own Jazz club in order to save the dying music.

After my tween years, I never thought I would love another musical as much as I loved “High School Musical,” but “La La Land” took my breath away and proved me wrong.

Throughout the movie the characters break out into song and danced continuously, but the music itself is what caught my attention. I have never heard anything like it; the music was beautifully, thoughtfully, and uniquely composed.


Although the music plays a huge role in setting the tone of the movie, the ending is what left a mark on the audience. Despite Sebastian and Mia achieving their dreams, they do not end up together, which is a classic “Casablanca” ending.

While Mia’s husband unknowingly brings her into Sebastian’s Jazz club, the two former lovers share a  montage of all the moments they could have shared if they were together, but they quickly snap back into reality. Sebastian and Mia then quickly glance at each other from across the room and acknowledge their reality.

Their love seems to be enough to support each other, but not as a couple. Their relationship is built on a dream and has no place in reality. The message that comes across is: to give a dream a shot you have to sacrifice the reality. As Sebastian says in the film,  “it’s conflict and compromise.”


The true message behind the movie reads: if you truly love somebody you will do anything to support them, even if that means sacrificing your reality for their dream.

This concept is unknown to the facade of today’s Hollywood, for once the main stars do not end up together, and that is what makes “La La Land” truly unique. It’s a revitalized version of an old fashioned Hollywood movie with a modern twist.