Helix Investigates Allegations

Charlie Martin and Sofia Jacobo

Rumors have spread and surfaced around campus containing the alleged story of one of Helix’s very own teachers. A recent accusation regarding racist remarks made by a teacher from Helix Charter High School is currently under investigation.


A Helix student and her family were recently interviewed by a local TV news station where they shared their concerns and allegations.


As of now, Helix Charter High School is still reviewing the alleged scandal.


In a written press release, the school stated that they “take complaints against personnel seriously and [are] committed to fair and thorough investigation and resolution of such matters.”


The parents believe his apology “didn’t seem genuine,” Daryl Ethridge stated in an interview to ABC10 News, “I think he is dangerous and I think what makes him dangerous is he’s ignorant to the things he’s saying.”


As this story continues to circulate around the media, Helix wants to make sure that people know “it is not advisable to speak on matters wherein you may not have all the facts.” They insisted that “participating in circulating rumors and conjecture” affect the school, families, and students, and “make it more difficult for our community to move past such issues.”