2017-2018 Staff

Grace Fields

Staff Writer

Grace Fields is a first-year Staff Writer at, The Highland Fling. She runs varsity track and field and plays violin outside of school. Grace enjoys traveling, listening to music, and cuddling with her dog, a vest-wearing chih...

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Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Staff Writer

Elizabeth Fitzgerald is a first-year staff member and second-year student at Helix.  She is involved in Students Against Destructive Decisions and enjoys science, in particular biology.  She likes listening to music, baking, and...

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Cassondra Flanery

Staff Writer

Cassondra is a sophomore at Helix, and has always loved writing. She is very excited to be in Journalism this year and can’t wait to start publishing her articles. In her free time, she watches her favorite films, listens to ...

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Erika Martinez

Staff Writer

Erika Martinez is a first-year writer for, The Highland Fling in her sophomore year, enjoys covering Helix Life stories and topics which involve the student body. In her free time, she enjoys reading as well as finding informati...

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Noemi Picazo

Staff Writer

Noemi Picazo is a first-year staff writer for, The Highland Fling, and a third year student at Helix. She has an immense love for movies, and all things related to Disney and Halloween, especially the candy. This year she is l...

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Ally Rein

Staff Writer

Ally Rein is a first-year staff member with an aspire to travel, learn, and report information. She is involved with JV water polo and the swim team at Helix. Ally spends most days on the pool deck, taking photos, or listening mus...

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Serena Sanchez

Staff Writer

Serena, well greatly enjoys writing, also enjoys her involvement in sports here on campus. As a first year journalist writer she hopes to explore more of her creative writing side and possibly increase her interest in pursuing a writ...

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Romeo Sharpe

Staff Writer

Romeo is a senior and first time journalism student. He has a strong passion for football and most sports in general. Romeo enjoys bacon, burgers, and pizza. His favorite subjects in school include ASL, Math, and History. He hope...

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Sydney Torres

Staff Writer

As a first year writer, Sydney loves to write about anything, as long as it's exciting. In her spare time, she likes to read books and watch TV shows and movies (especially ones about superheroes). She plays soccer and one day ho...

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Rosalie Weas

Staff Writer

Rosalie is a sophomore at Helix and is excited to write for, The Highland Fling. She is a spunky girl who likes weird music. Urban dictionary describes her as, "-sweet, smart, compassionate, caring and funny."  Rosalie has been...

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Alyssa Yubac

Staff Writer

Alyssa Joy Yubac is a hardworking aspiring journalist. She is a very dedicated student, and always sees the bright side in tough situations. Alyssa is an optimistic, fun-loving person who enjoys naps. She is also a Food-Enthus...

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Timothy Christopher

Staff Writer

Timothy is a first year writer for, The Highland Fling. He enjoys writing and believes he is a great addition to the team. He plays football and volleyball at the varsity level. His favorite subjects are English, Math and scie...

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Mahamed Abdulahi

Staff Writer

Mahamed is an enthusiastic first-year writer for, The Highland Fling. He is involved in numerous school clubs and activities. Currently, he serves as president of the Young Black Scholars Club on campus. He is a member of our ...

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Jennifer Brotherton

Staff Writer

Jenny is a senior at Helix and is in her second year of writing for The Highland Fling. She enjoys watching movies. One of her favorite movies is Kill Bill directed by Quentin Tarantino. She is a creative and passionate student. She...

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Bailee Waid

Social Media Editor

For her second year in journalism, Bailee is very excited for the upcoming year. As the social media editor, she can't wait to get the word out to the rest of the school about the most important news. Outside of school, you ca...

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Maria Vazquez

Web Design Editor

Maria Vazquez is a second year writer for The Highland Fling and Web Design/ Visual Editor. As a Web Design Editor she is in charge of keeping the Fling's website neat and up-to-date. She is also involved in the schools water polo and swim te...

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Robert Resendiz

Photography Editor

Roberto Resendiz is an independent, extrovert individual who likes to spend his free time outdoors. He likes to get creative with his photography and is proudly the Photography Editor for, The Highland Fling. As second-year writer in jo...

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Chelsea Nunez

Sports Editor

This is Chelsea's second year writing for, The Highland Fling. She is the Sports Editor and hopes to become a sports journalist in the future. Her stories often include sports articles, as well as stories on student life. Chel...

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Sadie Neville

Co-Chief Editor

Sadie Neville is a Junior at Helix Charter High School and co-Editor-in-Chief of The Highland Fling. She is also the captain of the varsity field hockey team. Sadie loves frozen yogurt, Target, and scented candles. In the fu...

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Ivan Jimenez

News Editor

As News Editor for, The Highland Fling, Ivan is excited to bring Helix students the latest in recent events. In addition to Journalism, Ivan enjoys reading, politics, and fried chicken. He also likes memes and listening to vi...

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Sofia Jacobo

Co-Chief Editor

This is Sofia’s second year writing for, The Highland Fling and her first being Co-Editor in Chief. She likes keeping Helix up to date on the latest new, both local and international. Sofia looks forward to reporting newsworth...

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Jackalyn Diaz

Helix Life Editor

Jackie is the Helix Life Editor it is her second year writing for, The Highland Fling. She enjoys binge watching shows on Netflix, and playing with animals. ...

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Valerie Arevalos

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Valerie is the Arts and Entertainment Editor and what could easily be considered a journalism "O.G." Her love for films, books, and music brought her her position as an editor, as her life is pretty much surrounded in artistic and...

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