“Love is Love” : A tribute and Graphic Novel


Maria Vazquez, Web Design Editor

As a tribute to the tragic massacre of 49 people at the Orlando Pulse Nightclub, IDW Publishing, with the support of DC Comics, wrote a graphic novel “Love is Love” to support the victims and survivors of that night and for the LGBTQ Community.

More than 300 writers and artists contributed to the graphic novel and shared their stories to create the book consisting  of heartwarming stories, even featuring a couple of DC’s iconic characters.

According to The Washington Post, the book creates a variety of scenes relating to the shooting from Batman, who investigated the scene where the Orlando shooting took place, to Deathstroke putting away his guns, and stories just about love.

It talks about important topics such as gun control, acceptance of one another, and facing adversity with the help of love, described  The Huffington Post.

“The outpouring of emotion from their work honors the LGBTQ community, and helps express the grief we’re all feeling,” said Sarah Gaydos, a Group editor for IDW Publishing

The idea first started with Marc Andreyko, a comic book writer mostly known for his work in Manhunter for DC Comics and Torso.

“When tragedy happens art responds and after the Pulse massacre, the comics community responded quickly, decisively and with open hearts,” Andreyko told DC Entertainment.

Andreyko stated that, he “could not be more proud of this book, or to be a member of the the comics community. The talents and emotion on every page is staggering. Love is Love mourns the 49 lost, honors the survivors and celebrates love in all forms.”

The book was a huge hit and even made it to the New York Times bestsellers list for graphic novels after its release

in December, reported The Washington Post.

The book’s revenue will be contributed to survivors and their family through Equality Florida. You can pick up your own copy today at your local comic book store and book shop.

Thanks to the help of IDW Publishing and DC Comics, love saves the day.