A Spooktacular Performance


Haniyah Taylor, Staff Writer

With a spooktacular performance, Helix Charter High School’s Vocal Music Department hosted their annual “Haunted Helix” Halloween show on Oct. 28, 2016 in the Helix Performing Arts Center.

With four show choirs: Mixed Voices, Highland Singers Jazz, HLX, and HD, Helix’s Vocal Music leaves the audience in awe.

Director, Mrs. Michelle Tolvo-Chan, did a fantastic job with managing the choirs and having extra help from former students who were in the show choir. These former students helped the choirs with their choreography, show faces and vocal range by attending rehearsals.

Also with the help of the choreographer, Bobbi Adams, all groups displayed their outstanding dance moves, the choirs swept the audience off of their feet.

Featuring twenty mind-blowing songs, Helix’s Vocal Music Department sang their loudest and hardest.

With nine beautiful solos, Helix’s soloist gave their mighty all into leaving everyone in amazement and some teary eyes. These soloists with beautiful voices include: Maelissa Battle, Jenna Urich, and  Raymond Sanchez.

Helix Vocal Music Department show are truly a must see! Celebrating Christmas next, these show choirs will make you want an encore and see every show that is put on.  


These show choirs do so well that they even perform in big events like competitions, amusement parks, and sometimes sing. There are three different parts in the music department like jazz, beginning, intermediate, and advanced.

“So in our choir, we not only HD and HLX, all of us are a family no matter what choir you belong to and yes we argue a lot but I feel like as a team we really came together on stage and I think that really showed through for our performance.” Kyra Payton said while smiling.

“I know you asked me how I thought they did but from feedback I heard from people that were in the audience and Helix staff kept telling me that it was the best concert they’ve seen yet.” Choir Director Michelle Tolvo-Chan said while smiling proud.

I would recommend seeing their performances because not only do they put 110% into their hard work, but also 110% into giving their audience satisfactory and more. They have very beautiful  performances and always dedicate their hard work to their beautiful, amazing and talented director along with their choreographer.

These singers are very talented and do their best to take all the compliments and feedback to improve for their next performance. Please recommend on watching their talented and outstanding performance, you most certainly not regret it.