Hurricane Matthew


PC: ABC News

Haniyah Taylor, Staff Writer

According to The Weather Channel, Hurricane Matthew formed from a tropical wave off the African coast in late September and was dubbed southwest of the Cape Verde Islands on Sept. 25.

Matthew has since reached the eastern Caribbean and rapidly became a hurricane.

In three Caribbean countries, the hurricane killed at least 300 people, majority in Haiti according to CNN.  Matthew then reached about more than 3,000 miles from Invest 97L to Florida and killed four people, according to CNN.

After going through Haiti, Hurricane Matthew submerged through houses and tore up roads in North and South Carolina, leaving 40 people dead according to The Washington Post.

According to Fox News, authorities had estimated up to $1.5 billion in damage to  more than 100,00 homes, businesses, and government buildings in North Carolina. About 26 people died in North Carolina alone due to the flooding caused by the storm,  more than 2,100 people still in shelters as a result of floods, and two more bodies were recovered on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2016. Officials also said that more than 33,000 applications for assistance to FEMA(Federal Emergency Management Agency) have also been received and about $12 million has already been approved.

The investment bank in North Carolina, estimated $10 billion in property damage across all affected states on Oct. 10 and  told investors that the natural disasters generally result in short-term declines in economic output and demand according to ABC News.

In South Carolina, Hurricane Matthew hit Low country with rain, and sent the sea moving upward, turning roads into rivers and ripped trees from the inundated ground before making landfall north of Charleston. More than 430,000 people around the state were left without power according to NY Times.

Hurricane Matthew then moved slowly and strongly in Category 4, northward about 100 miles south of Tiburon, Haiti; having the winds about 40 mph from the center according the Weather Channel.

PC: ABC News