Novice Water Polo Makes a Splash Against El Capitan


Sadie Neville, Co-Editor in Chief

On Sept. 29, Helix’s novice boys’ water polo took another win at home against the Vaqueros of El Capitan High School. The final score was 10-4.

Coach Mitchell Shaw, who has been a part of the program as both a player and coach for 13 years now, spoke with pride on the game, saying he “believed they excelled in playing with focus and determination. They started strong and kept the same intensity throughout the game.”

Helix goalie and first-year player, sophomore Pablo Anton, believes their hard work in practices factored into their win today, as they “work on a lot of plays [they] might run in actual games.”

The game began with a breakaway by the Scotties, giving Helix a quick 1-0 lead.

Just 5 minutes into the game, Helix had already pulled away from El Capitan, with the score now 4-1.

The second quarter began with a sprint down the pool and outside shot by sophomore Josiah Estrada. The Vaqueros retaliated with another shot which was quickly blocked by Anton.

The Scotties held their opponent to 3 goals in the first half, with many thanks to tight defense from freshman Damon Salazar.

The second half of the game also got off to a exciting start, adding levels of intensity and excitement to all those in the stands.

Salazar scored a fast goal for Helix with an impressive assist from freshman Lucas Theroux, ending quarter three with 8 goals and a 4-point lead.

The Scotties had many impactful carries, eventually leading to a hard point outside the 5-meter mark by Estrada.

With 2 minutes left in the game, the El Capitan Vaqueros, then trailing by 6, took a timeout. Choosing to push aside their obvious 10-4 lead, Helix continued to play to the best of their abilities.

Freshman Mitchell Mullen expressed this perseverance, recovering a fumble from his opponent and sprinting it down the pool to the opposite cage, a run on which the whistle was blown, ending the action-packed game.

Joshua Mitchell has high hopes for his team as a whole. He wants them to be “the best novice water polo team Helix has ever had.”

And, they may be well on their way. As it seems, this team of new water polo players has quickly learned the sport, playing into their victory on Thursday.

Shaw commented that, “every year provides a new challenge, and every year the student-athletes that I am fortunate enough to coach make the season fun and exciting.”