Helix 2016 Homecoming Court

Bailee Waid, Social Media Editor

The students of Helix annually compete to be the king or queen of the homecoming court, and this school year has brought new students with new incentive to have the crown.

The runner-ups for queen were Holly Cesena, Paloma Garcia, Mariela Florez, and Seby Pletcher as announced during the halftime show of the varsity football homecoming game.

Competing for king was Nick Hernandez, Blake Merriweather, Jourden Lamar, Richard Nguyen, and winner, Jacob Hernandez.

The winner for Queen was senior Kaitlyn Keys, and King was, senior as well, Jacob Hernandez.

Queen Kaitlyn, when speaking of her accomplishment, said that she “was flattered … [and] it was a surreal moment.”

Keys, a senior, was enthusiastic when she claimed to be “in ASB, a peer mentor for the freshmen class, and also coach[es] the freshmen volleyball team.”

The win for the queen was important to Keys because she wanted to “do something [her] senior year so that people could remember [her] … [by leaving her] legacy at this school.”  

King Jacob Hernandez–a senior as well–described that having the crown was “a big honor, especially for [his] senior year. [It was an honor] just to be up there with all [his] peers.”

Hernandez depicted that the actual homecoming dance “was so much fun; it was a blast. Just hanging out with all [his] friends and listening to music, and enjoying the good times,” which many students, who attended the dance, agree on.

Although an experience, nominee and twelfth grader, Richard Nguyen, said that winning “wasn’t too important, but it was cool,” when describing his point-of-view on being elected.

Holly Cesena, a nominee for queen, highlighted that “It’s nice to have that kind of gratification of your friends liking you, and being liked among your peers,” when speaking of her attitude towards making it where she did.

An overall theme for these Scotties was being friendly, respectful, and being involved, but not so much, however, about winning.