Friday Night Dance Lab


Valerie Arevalos, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The Helix Dance performance, Dance Lab, was a two-day event featuring various dance groups from Helix, Valhalla, Grossmont College, Monte Vista, and the Origin Dance Crew — on Friday Oct. 14 and Saturday 15 at the Helix Theater room.

The show began with a beginners’ Helix dance, where the dancers wore sparkly black and white outfits with a singular shoulder sleeve. The dancers beautifully carried themselves across the stage as they moved in a perfectly synchronized snake-like way.

One of the first performances consisted of five Valhalla dancers, moving along to “Stung”, by Quinn XCII. Valhalla did three other performances including backpacks and a  whole lot of “feels” to the audience.

Additionally, they danced along to Shawn Mendes’ “Treat You Better” and dropped the mic with a mixture of popular songs from Meghan Trainor, Ariana Grande, Britney, Iggy Azalea, and Rihanna.

The most unexpected dance was an astonishing performance by the Origin Junior Crew. The music shifted swiftly to different songs, yet the professional dancers moved in such an abstract yet synchronized manner, that it was hard to follow, yet breathtaking to see.

They performed twice more after the intermission with Showstoppers, while wearing ties, and black and white theme to their clothing that was impossible to look away from. They jazzed it up when they added red into their final dance and moved along to various finger-snapping songs from the “James Brown Medley”, titling it the Godfather of Soul Tribune.

Monte Vista’s Rhythm Kingz did a single dance as they stomped their feet and clapped their hands, and literally made music with their bodies.

The fifth showing before the intermission was the song “Dance Off” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ft. Idris Elba.

The group of dancers was larger as they all cycled around each other, allowing each separate group to perform in the spotlight.

Ironically enough, towards the end of the dance, three groups of dancers formed on stage, as a singular person danced in the middle of the group, imitating an actual dance off. The same dancers, performed the song “Creep” covered by Brian Justin Crum.

Helix’s Aspire Tap showed off their quick feet and large elegant movements as they performed twice–once before the intermission, and the other time after. The first dance was an old fashioned, classic dance for the “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” by Bette Midler. Their other dance was quicker livelier tapping to Jason Derulo’s “Kiss the Sky.”

Grossmont College’s performance featured two girls in bralettes and leggings as they slithered across the stage and held eye contact throughout the entire dark, dramatic show.

Dance Lab ended with a grande finale, as every dancer walked out, in their corresponding groups, bowing to the crowd, and thanking them–all while dancing, of course.