Friday Night Lights Meets Homecoming


Bailee Waid, Social Media Editor

On Friday, Oct. 7, the night before homecoming, a spirited Helix audience cheered on their varsity football team during the homecoming game played every year against Steele Canyon High School.

Helix seized the win with a final score of 42-0.

Although it wasn’t such a close game, senior and number twenty-five, Matthias Layton, admitted that the team “got a few penalties, which kind of set [them] back, and the field goal got blocked, and that was a setback as well.”

More people attended the game because of homecoming, and with the support of the loud and animated crowd, the varsity team had more support.

Fenan Kifleyesus, a junior at Helix who attended the game, recalled that “people were more excited, and they were more hyped,” because of the occasion.

The junior then added that she felt like, “positive energy helps Helix do good at their games, and that’s why [Helix] wins.”

Positive energy was a factor in the team’s win; the crowd grew louder during each high-point of the game.

As Helix student Troianah Freeman said it, her “experience at the game was fun because [she] was sitting in the students’ section, so it was pretty ‘turnt’.”

The students’ section cheered the loudest while throwing around blown-up balloons and waving lights in unison.

Freeman recollected that the best part of the game was “the second quarter when Scott Young got the interception.”

A stand-out play was during the second quarter when Helix made a toss-back, leading them to a touchdown.

The pre-homecoming game ended with high spirits, and with assistance from the fire department, a show of fireworks.

Layton explained that the experience was spirited, and he “thought it was nice winning by a lot, and the fireworks were really cool afterward,” he said with a satisfied look.

The ecstatic crowd is soon to return for the next home game, but for now, the vibrant attitudes will be anticipated for the next win.