2016 Homecoming Dance


I'Yonna Applon-Kettles, Sports Editor

On Oct. 8, 2016,  Helix Charter High School had their annual homecoming dance. This year’s dance was held at the same place as last year, The Lamppost Warehouse. The theme was Once Upon a Time.  

At the entrance of the dance, there was a sizeable line of students trying to get in. The only way students were permitted into the dance was if they bought a ticket before hand, and if they had their student I.D.

Once past the checkpoint, there was an awning lined in pretty, twinkly lights, and  a station where you could get cookies, and a station for  water and lemonade. There was also a photobooth where students could grab props and take pictures with their friends.

That was just the outside, but once you enter into the warehouse, there was a wave of heat that hits you right in the face. But the joy on the faces of the students subsided the fact that it was a giant sweat box.

Students dancing everywhere, having conversations, taking picture, and snap chatting the night away was truly the way the night went.

People that were at the dance loved the DJ, and the hype-man he had with him. The DJ played a wide variety of different genres of music, to keep the the crowed going.

Senior Nykia Kelly described that “the music as stuff she would listen to on a daily bases, it was very comfortable for her to dance and have fun.”

All the good  music in the world couldn’t stop the students from having to take a breath of fresh air, most went out to  get water, or just to have a seat outside on one of the many tables they had set out.

Students were taking plates that the cookies were on in order to fan themselves while inside the dance. Even though it was about a thousand degrees in the gym, people still had the time of their lives.

Sophomore Ahmayya Allen expressed that the dance was “Amazing, it was a great experience, overall the dance was ‘lit’.”

Homecoming queen Kaitlyn Keys describes that her last dance was, “Fun! Once [she] walked in, people wanted to take pictures with [her]. It was amazing to see all the freshman that came out to their first high school dance.”

Some people had another version of the dance.

Senior Bianca Santiago stated that, “This was [her] first dance and [she didn’t] regret missing all the other ones. The DJ was okay, he needed to play more diverse music, and every time he started to play a song, as soon as the beat dropped, he would change the song, why? I swear the DJ would play slow songs so that we would go outside to get air because he knew we were all dying. Plus, next time they need to have more food.”

Some people may have not liked the dance, but for most, this dance was truly magical.