Chelsea Nunez, Sports Editor


Covergirl has held a tradition of presenting female celebrities as the faces of their brand. Artists such as Zendaya, Janelle Monae, and most recently Katy Perry have been ambassadors for Covergirl in the last 10 years.

But Covergirl is now breaking the tradition and proudly introducing their very first non-celebrity ambassador. However, it’s not the non-celebrity part making history for the brand.

Meet Covergirl’s new “Coverboy” James Charles, a seventeen year-old high school student from New York.

According to The New York Times, Charles gained fame most recently on Twitter after making a post about how he took his own Ring Light mirror to his senior photos after he realized his original senior photos did not compliment his “highlight”. The post caught the attention of celebrities, such as Zendaya, and turned Charles into an overnight social media sensation.

Charles recently hinted at followers on social media that he was “working on something huge” and revealed his new partnership on Oct. 11.

When The New York Times asked Charles about his reaction when he first learned of his new partnership, he exclaimed, “I screamed and started to cry. It’s all been so ridiculous and crazy and fast.”

Charles continued to reveal his enthusiasm and hopes he, “inspires [other people] to really be themselves”, he told The New York Times.

Helix Junior Erica Coakly, is very passionate about the change in traditional gender roles.

“I think it’s awesome,” Coakly exclaimed, “I love seeing it happen.”

Coakly was a fan of Charles before the announcement of his Covergirl partnership and is very excited to see what other makeup companies will do in the future.

AP English and Helix First Teacher, Mrs. Aleen Jendian is the advisor for the Gender Sexuality Awareness club. Jendian classifies herself as a strong believer in equality and believes having a male figure in a traditionally female company will open new opportunity to many.

“If I were a sixteen year-old male and I wanted to wear makeup I would be encouraged by that,” Jendian happily stated.

Jendian continued her excitement, saying she has noticed more companies putting an end on gender limitations.

As to what kinds of companies should continue switching the gender role, Jendian believes “clothing should be a big part in the change”.

“Well Will Smith’s son has been posing in feminine clothes,” Jendian recalled, “that has to be a step.”

Jaden Smith, an actor and son of Will Smith, has recently posed in catalogs wearing feminine clothing such as dresses and skirts. The male model has attained lots of media attention, creating a buzz on if companies will continue to change their traditional modeling.

Whether Covergirl will continue to endorse males as their future ambassadors is unknown, but they have already created a major step in breaking the gender limitations.