Minor Marriages in Milawi


Samantha Miranda Espinoza, Editor

Child marriage plagues the youth of  the continent Africa and similar third world countries, pulling adolescent girls from school and their families. According to RisingAfrica.org, Malawi’s chief.“ Tired of seeing 12-year old girls walking around with babies on their hips,” and decided to put an end to this phenomenon.

Huffington Post reported that, “Malawi has one of the highest rated of child marriages in the world, ranking at number eight out of 20 on a 2012 United Nations survey.” ” Chief Theresa Kachindamoto has dedicated herself to denouncing child marriages and has, “used her position of authority over 900,000 people to fight for women and girls’ rights,” since she came into power in 2003.

As of last year, Chief Kachindamoto, “banned children from marrying before the age of 18.” However, her struggle remains as the minors can still be married with parental consent. “In order to make change in her district, Kachindamoto got 50 sub-chiefs to sign an agreement to annul any existing child marriages and ban future ones.” reported the Huffington Post.

According to RisingAfrica.Org, “Four male chiefs continued to approve child marriages until they were suspended,” by the chief until they could cooperate.

The Daily Wire has recognized the chief as a grand feminist icon, known as, “the fearsome female chief,” who in the beginning of her journey annulled 300 child marriages in 1 month. “In these marriages, 175 were girl wives and 155 were boy fathers.”

For further insurance that the children’s rights are not being violated, “Kachindamoto operates a secret network of parents to keep an eye on others,” said the Daily Wire.

Since this agreement has been passed in 2015, the number of child marriages has dropped but is still allowed with parental consent. Chief Kachindamoto has terminated over 800 child marriages and has even paid for the children to return to school with her own money saying, “They must go to school… no child should be found loitering at home or doing household chores during school time,” enforcing the importance of education and the potential these children carry according to the Huffington Post.

Chief Kachindamoto will continue to annul underage marriages with her belief that, “if you  educate your girl  you will have everything in the future,” something that she told the U.N according to the Huffington Post.

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